Rasheera's podcast 'Womanhood and Disability: Creating, uplifting, and representing narratives and experiences of women with disabilities and differences' is an ongoing conversation about the work of creating spaces for all the intersections of Womanhood and Disability. Subscribe and listen wherever you get your podcasts, or click the link below.


Get Rasheera's book: "Beauty With a Twist" by clicking the link below. Learn more about the life behind the foundation as Rasheera shares her story of being born with two rare diseases and their impact on her journey. "Living a different life hasn’t always been easy, matter fact there were times where I wanted to throw it all away. Nevertheless, despite the hardships, despite the medical challenges, and even the physical and emotional pain, I found purpose through it all and I found God in it all. It’s not your traditional story, but it is my story and my prayer is that it will be used to change the world!"

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